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The Complete Internet Lifestyle Network (ILN) Review by Biz and Chips

Internet Lifestyle Network (ILN) Review by Biz and Chips

Biz & Chips proudly present…. The most in-depth on-line review about the income and life changing company known as…

The Internet Lifestyle Network!

Biz and Chips ILN Full Blog Review



Here is where I HAD to “EDIT” this blog and put an ALL STOP to you reading the remainder of what you were about to read on this webpage.

Here’s why… the Speed Wealth System JUST got released and honestly, NO BS this says it ALL my friend. By all means read the rest of our review but…

Watch this Video


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OK…. so we KNOW there are thousands and thousands of people wanting to learn more about the Internet Lifestyle Network (ILN).
And we’ve ALWAYS made it a point to make certain they we at Biz & Chips are there for you EVERY need.

So without further adieu… read on my friend because in this review we are going to cover and answer EVERY SINGLE QUESTION we’ve ever been asked when it comes to ILN.
We’ll probably even teach you things you didn’t even know if you’re already a member!

First off let’s get it out there we are the Internet Lifestyle Network’s TOP TWO affiliates, their TOP TWO income earners, we’re both ILN Admins inside the Facebook Group, and we also work closely with the co-founders of the company. We tell you this so simply to qualify our selves with you so that you KNOW the information your about to read is 100% rock solid and coming from the highest source.

You will NOT find another review out there created by two MORE qualified ILN members!

We made these short videos for you just to let you know a little more about each of us and why we both joined ILN.

Steven The Biznutt Barnes ILN Review Video Below

Jeremy BigChips Neal ILN Review Video Below

What Is ILN?

Internet Lifestyle Network Review

The entire reason we wrote this post, was because we have received hundreds, thousands of people asking us…

“Guys, how is it that you are creating your success… really”

Its simple. By using the EXACT training inside of ILN, by following ALL the marketing techniques they teach you, and by simply taking action everyday. ILN has it ALL and we are not kidding when we say that!We promise you that you will never come across a community like that in your life again! Inside ILN its all about community and helping others succeed. Immediately after people join ILN with us and have completed the very first step-by-step quick start guide we have people writing us saying “Thank You Biz & Chips!This was EXACTLY what I was looking for…no HYPE and B.S. that so many online companies out there have these days…..No this community and company has heart and soul. Not to mention a terrific product and leadership as well. A way to create financial freedom from those new to online money making, and training, for those more advanced as well.” and on and on they go!! We LOVE receiving those kinds of e-mails!

Here’s a picture of Vincent Ortega Jr one of the co-founders of ILN.

Vincent Ortega Jr. Co-Founder of ILN

When we started going through the Internet Lifestyle Network we was totally blown away with the quality of training that they had in there. Below we will show several screen shots of exactly what the products are.

The Culture, created by the founders….. Mark Hoverson, Vincent Ortega Jr & Clifton Hatfield is unlike any we have ever been a part of before, they have a Private and Exclusive Facebook group of over 12,000 incredible entrepreneurs…..who rather than being each others “competition” actually help to build each other up and call one other “Family” . It truly does feel like you’re home with a loving family.

When we joined we were welcomed by so many people, who wanted to make both of us feel welcome and help us out if we had any questions. Now a days it’s not uncommon to get 50, 60, even 100 welcomes from the ILN family.

OK… are you ready to dive deep into the amazing Internet Lifestyle Network Review? Remember we’re here to help you understand what it is exactly, and how you make money with it. If you have any further questions after this then be sure and drop us an e-mail at and we will happily any more questions you may have. Although you won’t after watching all this! Sound good?

What Is The Internet Lifestyle Network?

If you want to understand the Internet Lifestyle Network then here’s the sentence that will do it for you.

“The Internet Lifestyle Network was created to teach everyday people to start and run a success business online by branding themselves.” – Biz & Chips

It does this by teaching you cutting edge marketing techniques that are proven to allow you to see results as soon as being implemented, while working on transforming your mindset at the same time so you can begin thinking like an 8-figure earner.

Putting the Internet Lifestyle Network into just a few words just isn’t possible. Everyone has a different way to say it.

If you are ready to change your life and spend more time with the ones you love, then it’s time” written by ILN member and wonderful blogger … fellow entrepreneur ~ Kathleen Packard

What are The Internet Lifestyle Network Products?

The products ILN has to offer are split up into the following memberships and one-time purchase courses.

  • Apprentice Training ( You Can Actually Get A FREE 7 Day Trial To This for a limited time… Contact US for the Promo-Code)
  • Professional Training
  • Executive Training

Let’s start with the Apprentice Membership.

Internet Lifestyle Network Training 1

Internet Lifestyle Network Training 2

Internet Lifestyle Network Training 3

Basically the Apprentice Training is exactly that…it gets you in at the very basic level but truly over delivers as it gives you access to so much the Internet Lifestyle Network has to offer.

With your Apprentice Membership you get your very own done-for-you unlimited blog (yes unlimited), access to the Internet Lifestyle Network University, the private Facebook Community mentioned above and the affiliate program. All for a very reasonable $37 Dollars.

The Internet Lifestyle Network’s done-for-you blogging platform will act as a magnet and attract customers to your business while doing all the talking for you. You can use this blogging platform to create unlimited blogs that can be used to promote the Internet Lifestyle Network, Brand Yourself….create yourself a personal blog  or blog about whatever business opportunity you are currently in. It is NOT branded to ILN in anyway… unlike some “other” blogging companies out there.

The Blogs look awesome straight out, but you can customize them and can even do domain mapping right from the back office dashboard.  You can also create a really custom blog.  Check out the Pictures below:



Clifton-Hatfield blog

Vincent-Ortega-Jr blog

Don’t they look Amazing and Completely Tailor Designed to each of us and our business?

Wouldn’t YOU look Incredible showing the world your legacy? 

We think so!

So with your Apprentice Training Membership you gain as many customizable blogs as you like….that can be setup quickly, and you also get access to the Internet Lifestyle University. This is where you will begin your in-depth, step-by-step video training courses . There are a total of 7 Video Training’s but there are more being added to the ILN University all the time:

The “Viral 5 ILN Quick Start” Guide!


How to create an AMAZING blog


“DreamScaping” your new lifestyle


The Famous 8-Figure Million Dollar Day


You can watch The Biznutt’s Million Dollar Day HERE

How to sell by “getting inside people’s hearts”


The “Viral Magnet” Daily promo strategy


ILN top affiliate training: “How To Sponsor 140+ People On Facebook”


These training’s will teach you how to start a successful Internet business by teaching you current and some never before released marketing strategies, but they will also work on your mindset. This is a BIG DEAL, because many times, what sets people back from actually succeeding and making money online is that they don’t have the proper winners mindset to go and do this!  So this training is PARAMOUNT for that.

So, like we said above, when we both joined the Internet Lifestyle Network we were welcomed by countless complete strangers to us at the time…. all wanting to make us feel welcomed and we were in total awe at their complete sincerity and true care and concern about US. That is very hard to find in any online and Facebook Groups these days.

Another thing that makes this group unique, is that the Founders are actively involved in the groups posts. Often times chiming in jokingly and offering elite advice for everyone to take advantage of. Gotta love those random golden nuggets that get dropped inside our Private ILN Facebook group by the 7 and 8 figure earners of our group.  This is a big deal as many of them charge well over $1000 dollars for private coaching!

There is truly so much value in the Apprentice Membership that you really have to see it to take it all in.

After all this info you may be ready to just sign up right now, considering there is a 30-day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

If for any reason you decide you don’t like it just write an e-mail to: and you will get every penny back . But we’re sure once you see the value and meet The Family, you’ll never wanna leave. OK so onto the next level of training….

The Professional Training Level

The Professional Training Level, will DRAMATICALLY add on to what you already learned in the Apprentice Training and shows you how to grow into the next level of marketing quickly and effortlessly. The Professional Level Training has the marketing products of Master Internet Marketer, keynote speaker, and co-founder Mark Hoverson. These training courses of course included in the Professional level which is an industry first and something that is creating the largest buzz in Network Marketing in years!

You will learn advanced strategies that will help you to take your business to $10,000+/month. And one of the best features, is just like the Apprentice Training, its’ all interactive, so once you finish the training you’ll be given action steps to take and implement everything you’ve learned.

This is also where the big, BIG money is made. But more about that shortly.

The Professional Training Courses:

Internet Lifestyle Network Training 4

Internet Lifestyle Network Training 5

The Executive Training Courses:

Internet Lifestyle Network Training 7

The Executive Level Training is comprised solely of the most intense and coveted teachings of Mark Hoverson. Again causing such a buzz in Network Marketing industry because these products have created multiple on-line and off-line millionaires across the globe.  These are available for one-time payments and give you access to the courses for life. The courses teach expert marketing tactics meant for taking your income level to over $50,000+. Exciting huh?

And just and FYI anytime any income figures are presented in this review we want you to know that most incomes of our top achievers are not typical, but exceptional.  It’s all up to you and your potential…work ethic…skill etc…. You can read work with us directly and learn how we have created our talked about income right here.

Most people join the Internet Lifestyle Network start out with the Apprentice Membership and then once they begin seeing results they upgrade at their own pace. However, there are some MASSIVE new implementations that are going to all but guarantee that you will make an income almost in your first 24 hours! In which case you are going to want to be at that Professional Level so you can reap all the rewards… and the income.

So what are you waiting for… grab your Apprentice Membership now.

So now that you have a better picture of ILN and all it’s products, you probably want to know….How Do I Make Money?

Making Money With ILN

Making money with ILN is actually pretty simple… watch the latest Webinar where co-founder Vincent Ortega explains all of the new bells and whistles!

The Internet Lifestyle Network has an incredible comp plan / business opportunity where you can actually resell its products for over 50% commissions on all of the products from the people you directly recruit (your 1st level) and then an additional 10% commissions off the 2nd, 3rd and 4th level.


If you care to watch a rather EXCITED Biznutt explain this plan… then CLICK HERE AND WATCH!

Our favorite part of the compensation plan is that it was designed so you don’t have to own all the products in order to make money!

YES let’s say that again… you can join at the entry level Apprentice Training Membership for $37/month and still make money off the highest ticket items without even owning them yourself.

This means if someone you recruit goes and gets all the products and buys all the products, you will still make some money off of your $37 investment.

That’s pretty great wouldn’t you agree!?

Recruiting just 5 people and getting them to recruit 5 people, repeating this pattern throughout the 3 levels of your downline could allow for an awesome residual income potential (money made every month reoccurring until cancellation)

So, with all of the facts and questions answered what are you waiting for?

Join The Internet Lifestyle Network Today

There is so much more that it’s nearly impossible to write it all down. But we have just launched a brand new Speed Wealth System that will have you generating your first on-line income in just 24 hours! All you have to do is be able to forward an e-mail and that’s it! It does NOT get any more simply than that. No other company on-line has this kind of ability, although you will see many other huge companies in the industry do their best to try and keep up with the Internet Lifestyle Network!

Lastly, we have also created an Elite Team inside of ILN. Our very own private group that WE coach, mentor, and give daily content, video, and leadership to. We call it the Diamond Dream Team and we’re most proud of the people that have joined us in ILN and joined us inside out private mentoring group.

Internet Lifestyle Network - Total Lifestyle Alliance - Speed Wealth System TLA

By now we are 100% certain that you are ready to make an informed decision.

Join us today and we have a rather unique and special bonus for those that do

And feel free to Contact Us if there are any questions we didn’t answer.

Or just Be An Action Taker and Join Today 

and connect with us on Facebook


Love and Respect as always,

Make it a Great Day…

We Dare You!

Steven The Biznutt Barnes
& Jeremy BigChips Neal

Biznutt and BigChips Signature

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